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The hockey player and the rockstar; that's what we were supposed to be.

Blake Duncan was going to be this award-winning musician and I would be the hot shot goalie. And we would be together, just like we had talked about. I wasn't supposed to go behind Blake's back, even if it was to save him from a life he didn't deserve. Blake had every right to be angry with me. I just never thought he would leave without saying goodbye.

My life was never the same without him. My career was not nearly as amazing as his; not as bright and shiny, but I managed. I carried around guilt that was stifling me; until the night of the accident that changed everything. The only person I wanted to comfort me was Blake, my best friend and soulmate. Only he wasn't there. I was still alone. I was broken.

Now my brother Jackson is getting married, and his fiancé just happens to be the drummer in Blake's band. Which means he'll be coming home; we'll see one another for the first time in years and it terrifies me. I'm not the same boy I was when he left. I'm angry and anxious. Riddled with PTSD from the accident. I'm scared to find out what he'll think when he sees me again. What if he found someone else to be what I couldn't?

Blake's still beautiful. Sparkling stars on a dark night. And I still want him despite trying to stay away. When he tells me he still loves me, I want to say it back. But if I can't let him kiss me, how can we be together? I find myself slowly breaking all my rules for Blake. He makes me feel like myself again.

For the first time in years, I find myself smiling, laughing, and hopeful. Maybe we can still have the future we wanted? Be together and live happily ever after.

There is no one else that I want but Blake.

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