Piece of Cake

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Meet the five boys of Kingston High: Piece of Cake - from Sundae Leighton.

Brett Cake is the new girl in a small town, which is nothing unusual for her. She had been moved around from place to place, and state to state since as long as she could remember. She always had her painting to keep her happy and made sure to keep her head down when things got too rough. The moment she stepped foot onto the grounds of Kingston High and had her first taste of Kingston royalty, everything changed.

She didn't ask to be part of the Knights - the name of the boys that rule the school, but she had no other choice.

Easton Kennedy is the dark prince of Kingston High, and the unofficial head of the Knights. He's used to doing what he wants when he wants and no one ever blinks an eye. Until Brett shows up with her purple hair, stubborn attitude, and sassy mouth. He hates her one moment only to want her the next and nothing he seems to do will cure his appetite.

His future is already written in stone, he knows what he's supposed to do. He won't let anyone - not even Brett Cake, change it.

When they both finally learn the truth about this town it might already be too late.

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