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What the three of us have together might not be conventional, but its the dirty air I need to breathe.

Before Wyatt Murray I was living a quiet, yet boring life. Raising my brother, racing on the weekends; and I was okay with that. That's how I preferred things until Wyatt exploded into my life. The hot blond with golden retriever vibes was a tornado on hockey skates and determined to change everything I knew about myself.

When Wyatt asked me to pretend to be his boyfriend, I knew I was in trouble. Then he kissed me and tilted my entire world on its axis. He was the blood running through my veins, and it terrified me. I wanted him. I needed to be with Wyatt and all the horrendous weather events he brought along with him.

But Wyatt doesn't just want me; he wants Seth Hill too.

The flirty, young camboy that we shared a moment with last New Year's Eve. Seth is young, broody, and drop dead gorgeous. He pushes when I pull, zigs when I zag, and happens to be the most stubborn man I have ever met. I'd be a liar if I said he didn't pique my interest as well. I absolutely want both men.

Wyatt and Seth are suddenly a necessity. Opposites in every way but pieces of a puzzle to my world I never knew I was missing. When the three of us are together, I'm a better person. Happier, ready to take on the whole world. To make it loud, hectic and crazy. Three things that used to drive me nuts.

Then, just as suddenly Seth decided he wants to be with us - he's pushing us away. Wyatt and I were hanging on by a thread. We want one another, but we need him to complete the circle. How can we convince Seth that our relationship doesn't work without him, before everything we have is gone for good?

**This is book five in the Wide Open Series. It can be read as a standalone but is more enjoyable if read in order.**

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