The Lying Tree

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The hot new male / male rockstar dark romance is here!

I'm his little sister's best friend. He's the lead singer of the world's biggest rock band.

Four years ago; Killian Hampton (the blued-eyed boy I had been in love with since forever) found me bleeding, broken, and hiding in his treehouse and it changed everything. He knows I play for the other team; but up until that moment, I wasn't aware that he did.

Stolen kisses, dirty secrets, out of town dates, everything had to be hidden behind closed doors. What we did in the dark could not been seen in the light. I didn't want to hide; but I wanted him, and was willing to play by his rules if it meant I got to keep him. For a little while... before he shattered my life into pieces.

Now Killian's back; only he's different.

Empty. Mean. Dejected. Worn-out.

I try to stay away. He's the villain in my story, no longer the hero. I attempt to convince myself the love I felt is gone; until it's too late, and I start to drown all over again.

*This book contains dark themes that might be triggering. It contains self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues, as well as LGBTQIA+ hate that some readers might find troubling. Please read at your own risk. This is a love story first and always between two troubled boys who found one another when they needed it most.*

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