Wrapped in Red

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Paperback - $16.99

What we did that night lives rent free in my head. The way my best friend touched & kissed me; only to run away like it was the biggest mistake he ever made.

It's been months since I've seen Ezra Bardot. I've tried to live my life, but I felt like something was missing. Probably because he's sunshine and rainbows; a cheeky, pint-sized femboy who pushes me to be the best version of myself. I miss his smile, cuddles, and his intoxicating scent. So you can imagine my surprise when Ezra shows up at my parents' house when I'm home for the holidays battered and bruised, begging for my forgiveness.

Things between us are different. I look at Ezra in a way that's more than friendly. I want him in ways I never did before; and when we both finally give in, it's the best decision we've ever made. He teaches me things I've only dreamed of.

Only Ezra's hiding something from me. I might be living my dream as a stock car driver, but he had aspirations too. One's that didn't include using his body for money. We're so good together. He pulls me in only to push me away seconds later. But his secrets and lies might be our downfall and ruin everything we've become...

**This is book four in the Wide Open Series. It can be read as a standalone but is more enjoyable if read in order.**